Attain reinvents customer relationship management for startups by integrating advanced generative AI capabilities with traditional CRM functions. It streamlines sales processes with features like AI-enhanced lead generation, smart meeting assistance, and the unique AttainGPT™ for analytics and reporting. This comprehensive platform aims to simplify and supercharge sales activities, all in a customizable and user-friendly package supported by reputable investors.

How Attain can help you:

  • Streamlines sales motion with an all-in-one integrated platform.
  • Employs AI to enhance lead generation from an extensive contact database.
  • Provides a smart assistant that records calls, updates the CRM, and takes notes.
  • Introduces AttainGPT™ to create analytics and meeting recaps through simple English commands.
  • Offers a flexible, tabular interface that's highly customizable to user needs.

Why choose Attain : Key features

  • First-of-its-kind generative AI-powered CRM, ensuring cutting-edge technology support.
  • Real-time access to a near-billion contact database for prospecting.
  • Automated administrative tasks thanks to AI-driven tools.
  • Powered by an AI that learns and adapts to user interactions.
  • Funded by Y Combinator & Khosla Ventures, ensuring reliability and continuous innovation.

Who should choose Attain :

  • Startups seeking a modern CRM solution to match their growth velocity.
  • Sales teams tired of outdated CRMs and looking for advanced AI capabilities.
  • Innovative businesses wanting a customizable and flexible CRM experience.
  • Organizations that prioritize an integrated sales platform backed by industry-leading investors.



About Attain

Release Date

February 9, 2024




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