CaseMark offers an extensive suite of over 30 lawyer-created workflows that automate routine legal tasks, ensuring high privacy standards and data protection. Clients upload documents and work with AI tools to generate and refine summaries, with the ability to ask unlimited questions. Prices start at $5 per workflow. The platform supports complex document types and guarantees client data will not be misused. Features include downloading summaries in multiple formats and the offering of 5 free workflow credits for trial use.

How CaseMark can help you:

  • Securely upload and process legal documents.
  • Choose from a wide range of pre-built legal workflows.
  • Create and refine document summaries with AI assistance.
  • Enjoy unlimited interaction with AI for detailed iterations.
  • Conveniently download summaries in various file formats.

Why choose CaseMark: Key features

  • Affordable pricing, beginning at $5 per workflow.
  • No risk of data leakage or unauthorized use of documents.
  • Access to multilingual summarization capabilities.
  • Free trial with 5 workflow credits.
  • User-friendly platform that integrates with tools like Microsoft Word.

Who should choose CaseMark:

  • Private practice attorneys seeking efficiency in document workflows.
  • Contract paralegals needing streamlined case and discovery management.
  • Law students looking for an educational AI tutor.
  • Law associates aiming to leverage AI without compromising their roles.

About CaseMark

Release Date

February 9, 2024



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