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Dataspot is an AI-powered data labelling platform that assists developers and data scientists to train machine learning models more efficiently. It offers an extensive flexible, customisable, and scalable solution to managing data annotation tasks. 

How Dataspot can help you : 

  • Dataspot provides the capability to rapidly and accurately label data and hence significantly improves model performance. 
  • This helps save time and resources that usually would go into the cumbersome process of data labelling. Why choose 

Dataspot: key features : 

  • Key features of Dataspot includes simple project set-up, real-time collaboration and feedback among annotators, and tools for QA and project management. 
  • This platform is specifically designed to handle large volumes of data and supports all data types, including text, images, audio, video, lidar, and more. 

Who should choose Dataspot : 

  • Researchers, developers, data scientists, and organizations looking to streamline their machine learning project with a reliable and efficient data labelling tool will find value in Dataspot.

About Dataspot

Release Date

February 9, 2024


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