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DeClutr is an innovative tool designed to organize your scattered digital data into one cohesive platform, helping align your data with your goals through AI-driven insights and actions.

How DeClutr can help you: 

  • Organize notes, links, and files in one central place. 
  • Automate the alignment of your data with your set objectives. 
  • Generate actionable tasks and valuable tips tailored to your goals through smart AI analysis. 
  • Curate and arrange data into visually appealing layouts with DeClutr Boards. 
  • Transform data into inspiring documents with an AI-powered smart document editor. 

Why choose DeClutr: Key features 

  • Centralized data organization. 
  • Goal-oriented data alignment. 
  • AI-driven insights and task generation. 
  • Intuitive visual data curation with DeClutr Boards. 
  • Enhanced document creation with smart AI assistance. 

Who should choose DeClutr:

  • Individuals struggling with scattered digital data. 
  • Professionals seeking to align their work or personal data with their goals. 
  • Content creators and organizers looking for innovative ways to curate and present their ideas. 
  • Anyone interested in utilizing AI for better data management and creativity. 

About DeClutr

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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