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Deepfake Detector

Deepfake Detector

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Deepfake Detector is an AI-based tool designed to detect manipulated videos and audios created using AI. Detect Deepfakes Before They Spread

How Deepfake Detector can help you: 

  • Identify and authenticate audio and video clips by distinguishing between genuine and AI-generated deepfakes. 
  • Support media integrity and legal proceedings by ensuring the authenticity of audiovisual content. 
  • Provide peace of mind in a digital environment increasingly populated by sophisticated AI-generated misinformation. 

Why choose Deepfake Detector: Key features 

  • User-friendly interface for easy upload and detection of deepfakes. 
  • Quick results showing the probability of content being a deepfake, aiding in fast decision-making. 
  • Designed to handle a wide range of audio and video clips, improving its applicability across various scenarios. 

Who should choose Deepfake Detector:

  • Media professionals looking to verify the authenticity of content before publication. 
  • Legal professionals requiring confirmation of audio/video evidence integrity. 
  • Organizations and individuals aiming to protect their reputation against misinformation. 

About Deepfake Detector

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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