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TrueBees is a pioneering deepfakes detection tool designed to authenticate AI-generated portraits and prevent their spread on social media.

How TrueBees can help you: 

  • Instantly checks the trustworthiness of images shared on social media. 
  • Empowers media professionals to detect deepfake images effortlessly. 
  • Helps prevent the dissemination of misinformation and AI-generated content. 

Why choose TrueBees: Key features 

  • Utilizes advanced forensic analysis and blockchain technology for image authentication. 
  • Achieved a 97.99% accuracy rate in detecting AI-generated portraits. 
  • Specifically designed for media industry professionals and law firms. 

Who should choose TrueBees:

  • Press and news agencies. 
  • Media outlets. 
  • Freelance journalists. 
  • Lawyers and legal advisors focused on digital media law. 

About Truebees

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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