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DeskDay revolutionizes PSA for modern MSPs through its chat-based ticketing system, efficient project management, integrated outage communications, service desk quality automation, and comprehensive reporting and billing solutions.

How DeskDay can help you:

  • Enhances productivity with advanced PSA features
  • Provides real-time, conversational service desk support
  • Automates quality assurance for increased customer satisfaction
  • Offers multiple end-user touchpoints, including mobile and desktop apps
  • Streamlines communication with instant outage and update announcements
  • Facilitates quick and easy customer onboarding through Office 365 integration

Why choose DeskDay: Key features

  • Next-generation chat-based ticketing for improved response times
  • Intuitive project management tools for effective task handling
  • Unified system for sending immediate service updates
  • Automated quality controls for the service desk
  • Detailed reporting for business insights
  • Integrated billing and timesheet management
  • Lite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system included
  • Convenient free trial without credit card requirements

Who should choose DeskDay :

  • MSPs looking for a modern, conversational approach to customer support
  • Businesses wanting to improve service desk efficiency and quality
  • Organizations seeking robust reporting and billing systems
  • MSPs aiming for easy client onboarding and multiple communication touchpoints

About DeskDay

Release Date

February 9, 2024


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