GPURich offers a unique bidding system for accessing GPUs, where users set their desired price for GPU compute power. The platform’s AI Agents then search global GPU providers to find matches and notify users when available. Users can directly SSH into the machines and retain control until they decide to release them. GPURich also provides different subscription plans including community support for basic users and dedicated engineering support for professional users, all with transparent billing and without hidden fees.

How GPURich can help you:

  • Locate and access GPUs globally at prices you set.
  • Save time on manually searching for affordable GPU options.
  • Gain direct SSH access to your GPU upon availability.
  • Keep full control of the GPU for as long as you need.

Why choose GPURich: Key features

  • AI-powered scanning for the best GPU deals.
  • Customizable bidding on GPU prices.
  • Immediate email notifications upon GPU availability.
  • Clear, straightforward billing with no hidden fees.
  • Support plans tailored to individual needs, from community to dedicated support.

Who should choose GPURich:

  • Individuals or businesses need GPUs for high-powered computing tasks without overpaying.
  • Users who want to avoid the hassle of constantly checking cloud platforms for GPU availability and pricing.
  • Those looking for a balance between affordable resources and reliable, hassle-free access and support.

About GPUrich

Release Date

February 9, 2024




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