Hackercast provides AI-generated podcast summaries of Hacker News, transforming tech news into digestible audio formats.

How Hackercast can help you: 

  • Summarizes tech and development news for easy listening. 
  • Transforms detailed articles into concise audio summaries. 
  • Helps you stay informed about the latest in technology without needing to read lengthy articles. 
  • Makes learning about new tech developments and innovations more accessible and convenient. 

Why choose Hackercast: Key features 

  • Utilizes Langchain and GPT-4 for high-quality summaries. 
  • Converts text to speech using AWS Polly for clear, understandable audio. 
  • Focuses on the most relevant articles, ignoring forum posts and comments for brevity. 
  • Continuously improving to handle various content types effectively. 

Who should choose Hackercast:

  • Technology enthusiasts wanting to stay updated without dedicating time to read. 
  • Developers and tech professionals looking for a summary of the latest news. 
  • Anyone with an interest in technology and developments in the startup ecosystem. 

About Hackercast

Release Date

March 20, 2024




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