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No-code Machine Learning that automates biomarker discovery, and interprets their role based on your research needs.

How Jadbio can help you: 

  • Automates the discovery of biomarkers for various conditions. 
  • Interprets the role of these biomarkers based on specific research needs. 
  • Enables efficient parsing of multi-omics data for comprehensive insights. 
  • Supports research in areas like Oncology, Chronic Diseases, Aging, Infectious Diseases, and Mental Health. 

Why choose Jadbio: Key features 

  • No-code Machine Learning platform, making it accessible for non-experts. 
  • Purpose-built for handling multi-omics data, including Genomics, Transcriptome, and more. 
  • Collaboration with trusted partners to ensure robust and reliable analyses. 
  • Backed by research published in prestigious journals like Nature Precision Oncology. 

Who should choose Jadbio:

  • Researchers and scientists in the fields of healthcare, biology, and drug discovery. 
  • Organizations and institutions focusing on precision health and medicine. 
  • Professionals seeking to automate and accelerate the biomarker discovery process. 

About Jadbio

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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