Jurny is an innovative tool that provides a fully tech-driven hospitality management solution, perfect for property owners and hoteliers. 

How Jurny can help you: 

  • Jurny is built to simplify property management by providing automated functionalities like self-check-in and self-check-out processes, remote management, dynamic pricing, and booking services. 
  • This technology ensures you can maximize your revenue, enhance guest experience while having the flexibility to manage your properties remotely. 

Why choose Jurny: Key Features: 

  • Jurny offers smart features such as a fully integrated booking system, scalable property operations, seamless guest communications, and data-driven insights to drive performance. 
  • The platform supports multiple properties and is integrated with major booking channels. 

Who should choose Jurny: 

  • Jurny is a valuable tool for property owners, hoteliers, and real estate investors looking to leverage technology to streamline their operations, maximize revenue, and enhance the guest experience.

About Jurny

Release Date

February 9, 2024




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