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Get research insights, fast. Notably is an all-in-one research platform to help researchers make meaning out of mess faster with AI.

How Notably can help you: 

  • Instant analysis with auto highlighting and tagging. 
  • Use AI to speed up the manual parts of data analysis. 
  • AI-powered templates designed by researchers. 
  • Multi-view workspace for analytical and creative thinkers. 
  • Beautiful insights designed to make an impact. 
  • Combine research data and insights from across your organization into one searchable place. 

Why choose Notably: Key features 

  • All-in-one research platform. 
  • Instant analysis and auto-tagging. 
  • Custom AI-powered templates. 
  • Multi-view workspace. 
  • AI-generated images for insights presentation. 
  • Research data and insights repository. 

Who should choose Notably:

  • Researchers looking to streamline data analysis. 
  • Organizations aiming to consolidate research knowledge. 
  • User Experience Designers. 
  • Strategists and decision-makers looking for actionable insights. 

About Notably

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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