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Revolutionize your proposal workflow with, the AI-powered proposal maker that effortlessly crafts compelling pitches tailored to your needs. Made for consultants and freelancers.

How PitchPower can help you: 

  • Generates persuasive, tailored proposals in minutes. 
  • Customizes proposals based on the unique needs of each client. 
  • Transforms potential client website content into customized proposals instantly. 
  • Centralizes documents in a single hub for easy access and collaboration. 
  • Allows real-time collaboration with team members on proposals. 
  • Ensures easy access to your proposals from any device through cloud synchronization. 

Why choose PitchPower: Key features 

  • Personalized AI for generating professional proposals. 
  • Lead discovery feature that bridges research and action. 
  • Document Hub for centralized document management. 
  • Collaboration tools for seamless teamwork on proposals. 
  • Cloud synchronization for data access across multiple devices. 

Who should choose PitchPower:

  • Consultants looking to streamline their proposal process. 
  • Freelancers seeking to maximize their proposal output and quality. 
  • Business-to-business professionals aiming for quick, tailored proposal generation. 

About PitchPower

Release Date

March 20, 2024


Contact for Pricing


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