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Resolvd operates as an advanced AI-driven support system that streamlines the process of monitoring and addressing on-call incidents. By correlating events across multiple data sources, the tool not only reduces the time required to respond to alerts but also minimizes unnecessary noise that can distract from critical issues. It boasts sophisticated log analysis through AI/ML models, simplifies data querying with a centralized hub, and features automated anomaly detection to identify significant issues early. The platform integrates with common workflow tools to deliver insights precisely where needed, effectively transforming the way engineers and developers deal with incidents and focus on their core responsibilities.

How Logwise can help you:

  • Decrease response time by 50% through efficient event correlation.
  • Cut down manual log review efforts by 80%, giving back hours to developers.
  • Provide a centralized location for easy and semantic data querying.
  • Alert teams proactively with AI-driven anomaly detection.

Why choose Logwise: Key features

  • AI-powered analysis for insights, patterns, and anomaly detection.
  • Aggregation of relevant context including logs, metrics, and documents.
  • In-workflow insights delivery via integrations with Slack, Jira, and PagerDuty.
  • A smoother and more effective incident response mechanism.

Who should choose Logwise:

  • On-call engineers seeking a faster, more reliable way to respond to incidents.
  • Teams aiming to reduce the time spent on manually reviewing logs.
  • Organizations in need of a centralized, AI-enhanced data querying hub.
  • Developers and IT professionals who prioritize security in their incident response tools.

About Resolvd

Release Date

February 9, 2024


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