Learn German with AI generated flashcards and spaced repetition.

How Vokabeln can help you: 

  • Facilitates swift vocabulary recall through engaging exercises. 
  • Provides context with sentences for better understanding and retention. 
  • Explains word meanings in detail using AI and Wiktionary. 
  • Allows skipping words that are below your current level. 
  • Enables vocabulary practice from your favorite texts or YouTube content. 
  • Incorporates a built-in browser for expanding vocabulary via German news and websites. 
  • Tracks your vocabulary knowledge, including conjugations, declensions, and more. 

Why choose Vokabeln: Key features 

  • AI-generated flashcards for targeted learning. 
  • Spaced repetition for efficient memory retention. 
  • Vocabulary extractor for personalized learning material. 
  • YouTube integration for varied learning sources. 
  • Supports multiple secondary languages, catering to a diverse user base. 

Who should choose Vokabeln:

  • Learners of German at any level seeking an efficient and engaging way to improve their vocabulary. 
  • Individuals looking to learn German through context and multimedia content. 
  • Users who prefer personalized learning experiences with the help of AI technology. 

About Vokabeln

Release Date

March 20, 2024



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