An AI Note taking app that helps you instantly find what you search for, bring back knowledge you forgot, and develop insights without context switching.

How can help you: 

  • Enables quick note-taking on the web without the need for tab switching. 
  • Find information easily with natural language search, citation, list, and graph views, avoiding frustrating searches. 
  • Automatically suggests related notes to enhance your work, ensuring you make use of saved knowledge. 
  • Facilitates the generation of new ideas and creation in one tab, working faster without distractions. 

Why choose Key features 

  • AI Writing assistance to streamline your note-taking process. 
  • Hierarchical folders for organized note keeping. 
  • Hardened security measures protect your data. 
  • Robust Integration and Offline Sync for seamless work across devices. 
  • Versatile Templates and Tag Suggestions for quick organization. 
  • Features for sharing & collaboration to enhance teamwork. 

Who should choose

  • Entrepreneurs and professionals looking for an efficient way to manage notes and ideas. 
  • Students and learners who want an effective tool for organizing their study material. 
  • Creators and researchers in need of a versatile note-taking app that integrates AI assistance. 


Release Date

April 30, 2024




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